unliberated blocks

Posted by on October 2, 2011 in blocks | 3 comments

I’m a relatively new quilter and got started on the block lotto within about a year of starting to quilt, so I started making “liberated” blocks before I had ever made the traditional versions. So these blocks are the traditional versions of log cabin, Chinese coin, and shoofly. However the coffee cup is my liberated invention and experiment with some of the bias techniques and 2-layer cutting Sophie has presented us. The cup’s curves are similar to last month’s batiks, and the cup handle is based on the basket handles from the 2010 liberated baskets. I will have the reverse image of the cup to post later (white cup

blue background), but I have other chores tonight. I love these colors.
The hardest thing for me was to figure out sizes for 8.5 in. block, as it is not easily divisible by 3, and many patterns work around 3 rows. 😉


  1. Lovely blocks. Check out quilterscache.com
    They have block patterns (free) divided by size. Lots of 8 inch blocks there.

  2. Such pretty blocks-good luck!

  3. I love your liberated cup! Thanks for the reminder email today–your blocks are now on the list.

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