Wild Geese Chase!

Posted by on October 30, 2011 in blocks | 6 comments

Here is my third block for the month.  This was my third attempt at making this block.  I’d never done paper piecing before and it is harder than it looks!!!  But I’m finally pleased with this one.  I am also donating this one.


  1. It is fabulous but looks so complicated! Well done.

  2. great block. I've been wanting to try that one out for a while too, but I guess it will be a while longer before I try LOL

  3. I love that block. I've made it before (black background, batiks for the geese I think) but not in a while, and I'd forgotten about it. Perhaps it's one to do again in scraps for a project next year – thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great block! I always get turned around with triangles!

  5. That looks really neat. Thanks for posting!

    – Helen

  6. I did that block once…brights on white background. It became the center of a nesting round robin quilt. great block, but I don't think I'd have the patience to do a whole quilt of it!

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