You chose the colorway … now choose the block–Quilter’s Choice in October

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Vivi's Block #1October is QUILTERS CHOICE month at the Block Lotto.  That means that you can make any 8 inch (finished size) block that follows the guidelines.  Vivi made the great example block on the left.


Your blocks MUST contain BLUE and CREAM fabrics.  If you like, you may also add Tan or Brown fabrics . . .  or not.  Kathie made the blue and cream block on the right.   All fabrics may be solid or tone-on-tone (TOT) prints.

Kathie's Block #1 RULES FOR BLOCKS

Blocks must measure 8 1/2 inches (to finish at 8 inches when sewn into a quilt) and contain at least 5 pieces.  So a 4-patch would not be acceptable, but a framed 4-patch or double 4-patch, which we have made a couple times in the past, would be good choice.

Applique blocks must have turned-under edges–no versions of raw-edge applique are allowed this month.

If you make a paper foundation pieced block, please remove the paper (or use a foundation that can be left in the block)

As always, the golden rule applies–please make blocks that you would be happy to receive.


  • You may make a maximum of NINE blocks for chances in the drawing.
  • If you make multiple blocks, you may use the block pattern for up to three blocks–so If you make the maximum of 9 blocks, you’ll need to make a least three different blocks patterns.
  • If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same cream fabric in all your blocks.  You may repeat the other fabrics, too, but avoid using identical fabric combinations.


Please use these labels for your blog posts about this month and this set of sampler blocks:

sampler 11 : for anything on the topic of this month’s blocks
Oct 2011 photos : for posts containing photos of October lotto blocks
sampler-sent : for posts about mailing your sampler blocks to the winners
sampler-received :  for posts from winners about receiving their sampler block winnings

The reason I ask everyone to use the SAME label is to make it easy to find your posts, to make sure your blocks are counted, to help the winners figure out which blocks are “in the mail.”  These 4 labels will be added to the “Useful Labels” in the right sidebar, to make it easy to find them (and easy to find all the posts that are correctly labeled). 


In addition to the blocks from Vivi and Kathie at the top of this blog post, here are some blocks made by sneak peekers, Cathy, Cyndi, Giselle, Laurina, Sue and Tina. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration.

Cathy's Block #5 Laurina's Block #2 Giselle's Block #5 Tina's Block #1
Laurina's Block #1 Sue's Block #5 Cyndi's Block #4 Giselle's Block #1
Cyndi's Block #3 Cyndi's Block #5 Sue's Block #4 Sue's Block #1
Laurina's Block #4 Giselle's Block #3Tina's Block #3 Giselle's Block #2


  1. This is a really lovely idea – great choce Sophie!

  2. That's a great idea! Now to make a decision – so many wonderful blocks to try!

  3. Now I may actually find time to sew up one or two of these. I've been out of the Block Lotto loop for a while and am just itching to get back into it. These are sew my colors and samplers are my favorite. ~ Carrie

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