Old and New

Posted by on April 2, 2012 in blocks | 2 comments

I have the old blocks, the ones I wanted so badly but the Quilt Gods did not choose me. You lucky people who got them. I am sooo jealous.

And I have three of the others made and then some others ready to be put together. I hve to work on some borders tonight, but maybe tomorrow or Wednesday I can post my blocks.

At first I thought they were odd, but then I fell in total love. So now I have transferred my affections to the new group. I will now begin to creat offerings to the Quilts Gods and hope they will smile on me THIS time!

glen: who never wins anything………


  1. I’m a fickle quilter … I fall in love just about EVERY month after I see the wonderful blocks that the group makes.

  2. I hope the Quilt Gods smile on you this month Glen!

    I love seeing the blocks everyone makes. Couldn’t get better motivation & inspiration to get busy myself from anywhere else.

    helen: who never wins anything either…….

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