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Sent my blocks out to Julie, Laurina and Laura today.  I have decided which post office I will be using from now on and here’s why.

Went to larger PO to mail blocks.  Told the envelopes have to be considered packages and was charged 1.95 each.  Only had enough to mail two…wasn’t expecting it to be so high…it never has been that high before.  Went to smaller PO and was only charged .65 cents….crazy or what????  I will give ALL my future business to that smaller PO from now on!  They are slated to be closed, but the post mistress said that could be a few years down the road.  Hopefully that third envelope will not arrive postage due….:)  Be sure to let me know if it does.  Laura, I think it was your envelope.


1 Comment

  1. The same thing happened to me here in New Zealand about 18 months ago. Needless to say I am still using my smaller local PO although last time I sent my blocks off they did mention that it was at my own risk sending these parcels letter rate but they assured me the letters would be returned to me if rejected. As I have had no problems over the last couple of years I will continue to send at letter rate as long as possible. The cost to send them as parcels is $7.20 as opposed to $2.60. If I am forced to use the dearer rate I will have to pull out of Block Lotto but in the meantime I will continue having fun.

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