4 Five-pointed stars sent to New Zealand & questions about 2 old quilts

Posted by on June 18, 2012 in sent and received | 1 comment

I mailed 4 blocks to Maree on Saturday.  On a personal note, my cousin just sent me two hand-pieced quilts that belonged to my aunt, and may have been made by my grandmother (I’m trying to get that confirmed).  They look like quilts that my mom and dad had when I was a child that were made by her, but have since been destroyed or discarded.    They appear to be 1930’s or 40’s era quilts; one is a grandmother’s flower garden in very good condition (but machine quilted, which gives me a suspicion that my grandmother did not do the quilting), and the other is a postage stamp quilt, with very tiny squares, maybe less than an inch.  The binding has come loose on one corner, but I can repair that easily with just stitching.  My concern is that the batting appears to be coming through the backing, but it doesn’t look like cotton; it looks synthetic, almost like tiny shreds of foam rubber.  Have any of you encountered this in old quilts?  Should I have a quilt historian look at it?  Unfortunately neither quilt was labeled, so I’ll have to get back to my cousin for more info.

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  1. The quilts sound wonderful, good luck with the information. It will be wonderfully to know about the methods. I had several of my old family quilts registered with the Louisiana historical asso. How cool!


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