June Housekeeping

Posted by on June 25, 2012 in block lotto community, housekeeping | 3 comments

Since Sophie is on the road, I did a quick tally of submitted blocks.

My UNofficial count is 60 schoolhouse blocks made by 16 quilters as of 6am on Monday June 25.

I need to make a few this week, who’s with me??  Let’s get that total up to 100!!!


~Andi in Arizona


  1. I wish I could….but I’m really busy this week.

    • Thanks, Andi.

      I am, at last, OFF the road. Today was a long, hard one and I am completely spent … One more day late for the sneak perk, but since the July block is pretty quick (once you get the hang of it) we still may have some blocks for a virtual quilt.

  2. Hey Andi, I finally forced myself to get the blocks done. I added the reds to my stash weeks ago for this project but have been under major renovations in my home and sewing just wasn’t happening. You can add my 9 to your unofficial count.

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