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Posted by on July 15, 2012 in blocks | 4 comments

Here are my 9 blocks for July. A bit challenging but a helpful Block Lotto participant gave me the secret to making these—-LOTS OF PINS—something I rarely use. I am also posting a pic of my 3 rejects – not up to my standards because they are rather wonky and swooped.  They might work in my sampler but they are not for anyone else to use.  Sigh  🙁

                                                                                                             my puckered rejects

My 9 draw blocks




  1. Great Blocks!!! I’m glad you were able to get them done! Now we just have keep our fingers crossed and maybe we will win them!!!! lol

  2. Your blocks look great. Did you use longer strips and pin them loose? Just wanted to make sure my assumption was correct….one thing that helped me was sewing with the light fabric up instead of the string side. For some reason they didn’t wrinkle & pucker when I did that.

    I’m still trying to get sharper curves but despite how I cut them they always end up looking straight…..


    • Thanks, Helen. I gently pinned them shaping the curves over my finger. I used longer strips, finding the size originally suggested in the directions to be too short.
      I usually had the string on top for the first seam and the background up for the second.
      Enjoy the curves…

      • I love the placement of your strings within the blocks. Nice work!

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