July block

Posted by on July 7, 2012 in block lotto community | 3 comments

Tried three. Ruined three. Cannot get them flat even though I ironed the life out of them. Sorry about that. Must be a secret I don’t know. Will wait until August.

Posted three June blocks to Laura


  1. Spray starch helped mine

    • Thanks I tried it and it helped some. Think I made them too curvy and besides I have very little light not cream or white fabric and have too big a stash to buy anymore fabric. I’ll just have to wait until nextr month. Thanks for helping me.

  2. When I sewed with the light colored fabric on top it was easier to iron flat without little pleats appearing…..maybe it has something to do with the bright colored fabric being stretchy when it is cut at a bias or pulled when it sewn.

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