rho’s Block #6 for August – Cool Ladders

Posted by on August 20, 2012 in blocks | 2 comments


  1. Are you sure this is block #6? Because I think it might be block #7. You initially posted two blocks, then posted four more. Was there a duplicate photo in there that I missed?

    Also, I figured out why your block photos aren’t displaying correctly on the home page and the main blog page. It’s because they are .BMP files and not .JPG. If it’s easy for you to save them as JPGs, it should solve some of your image challenges.

    • You’re right, but not. You see I DID make 7 blocks – your’re right. But one of them is a beautiful chocolate BROWN and not eligible for the block lotto. That’s why I made the number 7 aka the “6th” eligible one (as a replacement). I didn’t realize that the brown one would not be eligible until after I’d posted it.

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll change my file suffixes. This is the first time I’ve used my camera to take the pics and then email them to my email. Then from “pictures” file, into the block lotto. I guess I’ve got some learnin’ to do.

      Thanks for the tip. That was makin’ me yah yah!!!! I’ll try it that. rho


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