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Sophie's Flower #3

The minimum 3-D flower block

I wanted to make a flower that has ONE stem, ONE leaf and ONE bloom, which are the requirements for the block. (I also wanted to make a left-leaning flower, since we seem to have a lot of right-leaning ones–and I mean that literally, not politically) 😉

While it IS fun to add branched stems, multiple blooms and leaves, a simple flower block like this one is all that’s required.

I wanted to make the stems a few different ways in my blocks.  This one is made by sewing 1.5 inch wide bias into a tube, trimming the seam allowance and rolling the seam to the center back, then hand appliquéing the stem to the block.

The bloom has a rust color facing; the leaf is the same fabric (an old Fossil Fern) on front and back.  I didn’t have a good matching green thread to sew down the leaf, so I used a medium gray.  When I worked in an Opera costume shop making hats, I learned that gray is always a good alternate thread choice because gray reads as shadow.  Even on close, in-person examination, it’s hard to see the color of the thread on the leaf.  It really works.

1 Comment

  1. LOVE it! I will have to try the tube technique.

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