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I cannot believe how many months I have missed the lotto.  We had barely recovered from Katy’s wedding when my DFIL was hospitalized in serious condition.  Quick trip from OK to KY….leave Friday, home again Monday…15 hours each way.  He was doing somewhat better when we headed home and left the hospital the next day.  The following Monday he died at home in his own bed as he had desired.  So another trip to KY.  Leave Tuesday, home late Saturday.  2 weeks later back to KY on a Friday to get the house sorted out and ready to sell…way more work needed than we had expected.  We had left our 3 teens at home, but DH decided he needed help so our 17 year-old son who is a competent handyman got on a Greyhound bus and joined us. 9 days later we had fixed electrical, drywalled 2 ceilings, fixed plumbing and gone though all of FIL’s stuff.  We headed home and left DS JoeE to do further repairs with his uncles and on his.  He has taped and bedded, patched plaster (old fashioned lath and plaster), pulled out a sink and toilet, put in a new tub surround, and laid a laminate floor in half the basement.  Yesterday DH and the 3 younger kids headed to KY yet again to do a bit of work and bring JoeE home.  And I have the weekend home with my 19 year old son who starts a new job tomorrow.  I can do whatever I want.  My sewing room is a disaster.  I have several quilts waiting to go on the longarm.  I’m considering getting a few Priority Alzheimer’s quilts made.  But then I checked the Block Lotto…what a fun looking block.  So I gave it a try and here is the result..  I hope the branched stem is okay.  This is how I did it

first cut the straight lines where the flowers will be inserted, then the curved stem lines.

Sew bias stems, first to the short part of the “y” then the long stem, Proceed to add flowers.

This block has given me some ideas I’d like to try out, and the variations will become Priority Alzheimer’s quilts.




  1. I can’t believe you beat me to it–I’m making a block with a Y-stem and two blooms now! I am using a different (appliqué) technique, so at least it will be a bit different.

    I knew your FIL was having some health problems. I’m sorry for your loss, but glad that he was able to be home as he wanted when the time came.

  2. Love It!! Thanks for this tutorial. I was wondering how to incorporate two blooms. Cant wait to go and have a try at this but babysitting two granddaughters for the weekend so probably wont get any time till later this evening.


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