Sept 3D flower blocks

Posted by on September 24, 2012 in housekeeping | 2 comments

I made and sent you a picture of 1 yellow 3D flower back near the beginning of the month but don’t find it on the list of blocks made that you just posted  nor did I get a Sneak Peek yet for October.

I’d hoped to make more as I love this block but LIFE got in the way …



  1. Karen, it didn’t happen this month, but sometimes I receive close to a hundred block photos from sneak peekers. Because at the end of the month/beginning of the month, I am also usually putting together the directions and posts for the first of the month, putting together the list of names for the drawing and then following up with the winners so I can then put together the mailing info and send that out to everyone and archiving “the list” from the at-a-glance page and setting it up for the new month … I just could not reliably account for all the blocks that are emailed to me and so I asked everyone in March 2011 to post their own blocks, even if they were featured in the announcement post or used in the virtual quilt. I usually include a message in the sneak peek email reminding everyone about this–I’m sorry if it didn’t make it into the sneak peek this time.

    I missed your chat message earlier, but replied by email. I forwarded the sneak peek email (including the correction and a couple of clarification emails that followed).

    You’ll need to post your block to be added to the list and included in the drawing.

  2. FYI, I moved this post out of the “blocks” category since it doesn’t include a block photo.

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