First two split stars

Posted by on October 13, 2012 in blocks | 2 comments


Finally a start – not sure if I will get any more done this month as I dont have many solids.  I had to buy the white to make these.   The two browny reds are quite different although look quite similar in this photo.


  1. I confess, at first glance i thought the two red-brownish fabrics were the same and thought, uh oh … because I HATE it when I have to tell someone they didn’t follow the guidelines. But after I opened your blog post and saw a larger photo, I could definitely tell (on my old iMac) that they are different. Whew! I am enjoying everyone’s color combinations … and I appreciate that they sometimes happen because some of us don’t have a lot of solids in their stash.

  2. Love your blocks! I have had to not participate in a Block Lotto because I didn’t have the right mix of fabrics. I didn’t have any solids either but decided to “treat myself” a few new fat quarters. On a fixed income, as I am, that is not always an option!

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