Split Star is the October Block

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The block for October is a 9-inch (finished size) split star block in solid white plus two solid colors of your choice.

Print-friendly (PDF format) directions for making the block are here:

Split Star Block Pattern

The basis of this block is known as Sawtooth Star or Square and Points–it’s a go-to block for me, easy to make in almost any size, so after seeing some other diagonally sliced star blocks in blog land, I had to create this version for the Block Lotto.

Because I think this could become a go-to block variation for me, I’ve included cutting measurements for making this block in 5 sizes.

You may make the usual maximum of 9 blocks to enter for chances in the drawing at the end of October.


We are using SOLID fabrics only this month: WHITE plus two solid colors of your choice.

    • Your fabric choices may be light, dark, bright, dull or neutral, as long as they have good contrast with the white and with one another, but they must be SOLID and NO BLACK PLEASE.
    • Do NOT use a light and dark version of the same color in your block–for example, don’t combine a light blue with a darker one to create a monochromatic blue block.
    • Your solid fabric may be from a commercial solid, like Robert Kaufman’s Kona Cotton, or a hand or commercial dyed fabric like Cherrywood fabrics.
    • If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same white solid fabric in all your blocks and use your choice of colored solids in multiple blocks as long as you create unique blocks.   For example, it is OK to use the same 2 fabrics in 2 blocks as long as you swap the position of the 2 fabrics, like these:
  • I included a coloring sheet in the directions and confess it helped me visualize how many different blocks I could make from a set of solids. From white plus 3 solid colors, you can make 6 unique blocks.  Add another color and you can make a dozen blocks using all possible combinations and placements.


Please use the tag Split Star for posts about this block.

The Virtual Quilt

Here are some of the blocks made by sneak peekers, Helen, Julie P, Laurina, Margaret, Marybeth and me.

You can see the full size photos of all the blocks in this post in my Flickr photo set Split Sawtooth Star.

 Don’t Forget

If you have emailed a photo of your block and it appears in this post, you must post your block photos separately to be included in the drawing.


  1. I wasn’t able to play last month because I was involved in the planning of two events that took place last weekend. I was just swamped. They both turned out great, but I can’t wait to get back to sewing. I love starts and solids, so I just love this month’s block. Thanks Sophie.

  2. Love this block! I have lots of “chores” to do today but hope to get some blocks done! Thanks for another great opportunity!

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