The Next Five Days

Posted by on October 30, 2012 in housekeeping | 2 comments

I will be out of town (Dallas tomorrow and then, Houston for Quilt Festival) starting tomorrow, so things may look a little different than usual here.

Kate has generously agreed to handle the drawing tomorrow, including anyone who posts blocks up until the deadline of NOON, east coast time, and send email to the winners.  Thank you Kate.

I will still put together the mailing info, but it may be delayed until I return on Monday.  If I find a computer to use, I’ll put it together while I am away, but I am not taking a laptop and I am not staying anywhere with WiFi or a business center.

The November 1 post will be scheduled and will post as usual.  The other stuff (like updating the at-a-glance page) won’t happen until I’m back.

Thanks in advance for your patience and good luck to everyone who made split star blocks in the drawing tomorrow.


  1. Have a great time!! The Dallas Arboretum is wonderful even without the glass sculptures. Wait – you know that because you lived in Dallas a few years ago. Enjoy the inspiration of Houston.

    • Hey Sophie: Festival is great as usual. Kelly and I will there at Festival again tomorrow, mainly looking at the quilts. We done a bit of shopping and now it’s time to look at award winning quilts and meeting the teachers in some of the free lectures in Hall D. Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow. rho

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