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My first usable mug block!! Wanted to use curves in my cup so I created a lot of work for myself!!! And I had to applique the handle because my first attempt of sewing the curve didn’t work so well!!!! But I like the way it turned out so I hope to have more forthcoming!!!!


  1. I am going to make some curvy mugs when I get home. Yours is BEAUTIFUL !!

  2. Curves are a challenge by themselves (at least to me) but you got both sides perfectly matching. Super job! Lovely

  3. What a Hoot ! Rachel – first useable block!! keep at it… they look wonderful

  4. The secret to matching curves is to fold the cup and background fabric in half along the vertical midpoint and then just freestyle cut the curve. Or you can draw a template on folded paper and then trace to the fabric.

  5. It is beautiful! I spent quite a bit of time trying to do curvy handles with fabric and rick rack and finally said “to heck with it!” Kudo’s to you! Yours looks great! Nice fabric too!

  6. This is gorgeous. I too gave up on trying to add a curved handle to my slightly curved mug. I ended up with a mess so just added uncurved handles instead.

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