8 cups from Ginny

Posted by on November 9, 2012 in blocks | 3 comments

I love these cups! I will try to make one more, so I can maximize my chances to be a lucky winner, but I wanted to post what I’d finished so far.  I added a saucer to the cup I’d submitted early for the virtual quilt, because it looked too strange without one.

I have to admit that I stopped sewing with the wonky method, after lots of mistakes and wasted fabric (why is wonky so difficult?) and found a paper-pieced pattern on the internet that I was able to blow up to the correct size. The onces I paper-pieced came out much better!




  1. Wow…..those are sure cute!!!!!!

  2. HOWEVER you made them, they’re adorable!

  3. Look how creative you are! They look great. I also found doing improv’ stuff to be difficult and using lots of fabric. You are not alone! Cheers!

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