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  1. Cute! I edited your post to turn the URL into a link, move the post out of the “blocks” category (since there’s no block photo included) and into the category Block Lotto Community–which I created for discussion of ideas, sharing non-block lotto projects, and stuff like meet-ups. I also added the tags Mug and Setting Ideas.

    I think this is a great setting idea for our blocks. For those who would prefer paper foundation pieced letters, I know that there’s a set available on the Quilter’s Cache site at Alphabet. You would need to enlarge the 4 inch blocks 225% to make them 9 inches.

    I have a plan to make a holiday wall hanging for my kitchen with some smaller mug blocks and some improvisational-style words … only time will tell if I can make it happen for THIS holiday season. 😉

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