Take a Break for a Cuppa (block) in November

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The block for November is a 9-inch (finished size) Improv Mug block (with options) in black plus quilter’s choice of fabric.

Print-friendly (PDF format) directions for making the block are here:

Improv Mug Block Pattern

The inspiration for this block is one that Linda (from the big D) made a year ago for our brown/blue/cream sampler theme.

If you prefer to make a less liberated approach, you may use a different pattern as long as your block follows the rules.

You may make the usual maximum of 9 blocks to enter for chances in the drawing at the end of November.

The Rules

  • Blocks must be 9 1/2-inches square (to finish at 9-inches when sewn into a quilt
  • Blocks must have a black background–solid or a black-on-black (BOB) print. If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same background fabric in all of them.
  • Quilter’s choice of fabric(s) is used for the cup/mug and (optional) saucer and interior. Use a unique fabric for each block. If you use multiple fabrics in your block, the main fabric should be unique in each block you make.
  • The bottom of cup/mug or saucer (if it’s sitting on one) should be at the bottom of the block.  This will enable the winner(s) to put their cups and mugs on a “shelf” if desired. There should be black background surrounding the other three sides (left, top, right).
  • Your cup or mug must have a handle.  It can be on the right or left side.  Remember that the handle cannot extend to the edge of the block—there must be background around the outside of the handle.


Please use the tag Mug for posts about this block.

The Virtual Quilt

Here are some of the blocks made by sneak peekers, Cynthia, Dawna, Ginny, Laurina, Linda, Maree, Margaret, Toni and me. I think it’s a great looking china cupboard already.

You can see the full size photos of all the blocks in this post in my Flickr photo set Improv Mug.

 Don’t Forget

If you have emailed a photo of your block and it appears in this post, you still must post your block photo(s) separately to be included in the drawing.


  1. Those are so cute! Hope I find some time to make a few!

  2. Absolutely terrific! A friend and I have been giving each other presents on a tea cup theme for over a decade so if I win this one I might have to share 🙂

  3. I have not submitted anything since early spring – but this is so cute – I love it! I love the variety and the use of materials! I am downloading Paper pieced patterns now!!

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