2 Blocks from a Newbie

Posted by on December 19, 2012 in blocks | 2 comments


Hi, my name is Kathleen, and after following Block Lotto for awhile, I have decided I have to be a part of it.  Even though I have plenty of projects waiting my attention for Christmas, I took the time to make a couple of Star-crossed blocks.  Looking forward to quilting with you all.




  1. First, WELCOME to the block lotto. I now I must have made a good choice for the busy month of December when, not only are the regulars are making blocks, but newbies are joining us. Your blocks look GREAT!

    Second, for a non-blogger who seemed a little concerned about being able to participate, I have to tell you that your post is PERFECT! You done good 😉

  2. Welcome to the group from another fairly new participant.

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