9 Tall Shoo Fly blocks from Erin

Posted by on January 1, 2013 in blocks | 1 comment

What quick blocks to make, and how fun!  I’m not sure I’ve ever NOT made square blocks before.  Some of those reds look alike, but I assure you, they are different fabrics when you see them in person.

All for the draw, please, Sophie.  Happy New Year, all!

(And as a side note, you know the post I wrote about the Hurricane Sandy quilts inspired by Block Lotto?  Well, the project was featured on the front page of a Virginia paper today, the Roanoke Times.  And I find it amusing that these January blocks show up in the background in one of the photos…hee, hee, hee!  If you want to see the photos, or maybe even read the article, it is at http://www.roanoke.com/news/roanoke/wb/318510.)

1 Comment

  1. What a great, great article, about you (nice to see your smiling face), the generosity of quilters and the quilting blogoverse. Thanks for sharing. (Fun to see those lotto bocks in the background, too).

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