April-December Romance

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I know that it’s an odd angle for a photo … I wanted to show you my finished table topper along with the sisal rug that was my color inspiration.  It was made from the 2012 lotto blocks from April and December, put together in a straight set (no sashing) with a 1 1/2-in outer border and faux piped binding.

Table Topper and the Color Inspiration

Johnny-the-cat was sure I wanted to include him and refused to budge.

Here are a couple more photos taken from a normal perspective.

Sophie's Table Topper April-December-Romance

This project was not my usual scrap quilt with 5 different reds and a bunch of blues and turquoise fabrics.  I think it would make a great 4 or 5-fabric quilt, depending on whether you made all the squares in the Hot-crossed 9-patch the same and used the same fabric for all the crosses.   I still have a lot of re-cycled plaids from mens shirts and I think I may be making this combination again … one of these days.

Johnny Be Good My constant companion, Johnny Be Good, says hello.

Last night, as I quilted into the night, well past midnight, Johnny hung out on the desk (next to my sewing table) for a while, knocking things to the floor to get my attention … after he got bored, he curled up on the nearby chair until I decided to call it a night and go upstairs. He really does follow me around the house like a puppy, not at all like you’d expect from the big bad boy tough cat he is.


  1. They look great together! And how nice to see Johnny. I have a cat that occupies, by his choice, my sewing room. He is 15 years old and he has always been an inside and outside cat. Tho’ now he prefers my sewing room to chasing the bunnies, molds and mice. He knows I will always make time for a pat each time I go by. Cheers!

  2. These 2 blocks really look nice together. I like your color choices and your motivation rug, Sophie!

  3. Great combinations…blocks,colors, it’s beautiful!

  4. This is wonderful! I have some plaid blocks left over from the lotto win….I can mix them with some of the star blocks.
    But I need to make the star blocks.
    So many ideas, so little time.

  5. I really like this overall effect. This inspires me to do a quilt where the blocks combine to make an overall pattern and use coordinated fabric. Most of my quilting in the last 3 years have involved some sort of sampler blocks or scrappy blocks, rather than an overall coordinated pattern made out of blocks.

    I’m currently in a single-minded mode to finish about 3 quilts where all the blocks are completed, including a 30s block of the month from last year (just needs 2 inner borders and the pieced keyboard outer border), the pink and white sampler quilt with the words of endearment (still needs design work, borders, and some large and small heart blocks), and the eclipse quilt (I just need to make 4 more eclipses and a center 4 blocks with a square pattern). Then …. when I have all those to the quilter, I want to start on something like this where the blocks create an overall pattern. Maybe a single or double Irish chain, or a combination of these two blocks. So much inspiration, so little time! Of course, it could be a smaller quilt instead of the queen size ones I seem to be making recently!

  6. Lovely apartment and kitty. Sheri

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