the lottery!

Posted by on January 5, 2013 in sent and received | 2 comments

This morning my husband came in with a couple small envelopes. I asked, “is that all the mail there was?” He laughed and said no — “it’s in the other room — you won the quilt lottery.” So I explained that I had, indeed, won the quilt lottery!

You ladies are quick! I received blocks from Christa, Erin, Julie P, Kathy S, Laura, and Linda C. Thanks!

Julie W


  1. Oh well, so much for getting it out promptly. You were supposed to have gotten mine by today too. Maybe Monday…..

  2. Yesterday I received squishies from Erin H. in Vesuvius, VA (what great alliteration!) and Laura R. in Mableton, GA (named for Mable?). I need to find the chart that lists who is sending blocks to whom so I can keep track as the envelopes arrive.

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