4 Low Volume Hearts

Posted by on February 10, 2013 in blocks | 1 comment


4 low volume hearts2

Here are my 4 four low volume hearts for this month. I had trouble in placing the large background piece in the right place. A bit of unpicking was needed. Interestingly I made some crazy patchwork cushions several years ago in what we would now call Low Volume fabrics. Back then they would have just been in a light tone. Thanks for keeping my knowledge base up-to-date Sophie. Best of luck to all for this month. Margaret

1 Comment

  1. Hi Margaret! I have to laugh….I am always shaking my head at the new terminology that becomes popular. Calling things by another name doesn’t make it new! For years I’ve called, and everyone knew what I meant, what they now call “low volume”, low contrast. Oh well! Whatever!

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