Topic Ideas, Please

Posted by on February 12, 2013 in block lotto community | 7 comments

It seems my choice for a February topic fell a little flat and was especially frustrating at my house since my machine of choice has now died for the second time in a couple weeks and I was unable to complete the quilty thing I’ve been planning to try–using the backing fabric as a quilt design and quilting from the back.

So I’m asking for suggestions for a topic that anyone could use as the basis of a blog post to share as part of weekend update. ¬†Please leave your suggestion in the comments.


  1. I don’t think you should call it flat. I didn’t even find the topic until a day or so before the linky opened, but now that I know where to look I will keep on top of them. Also I have info you don’t: traffic to my blog over th week-end cam almost exclusively from Block Lott. Considering I did NOT post a linky & only just put my first blocks of 2013 up about 10 minutes ago, they had to be looking at last week’s links. Which means a lot of people are just finding it.

    Good luck with topics. Maybe a Where are they now for a few years old project? or Pay It Forward projects?

    Sorry about your machine. I have a guy who works miracles & he DOES travel but not out of Florida. Maybe you need a beach vacation….? & you want to bring your machine along?

  2. suggestions for topics:
    1. Where or who first introduced you to quilting?
    2. most favorite aspect/type of quilting
    3. least favorite aspect of quilting
    4. photo inspirations for quilts
    5. favorite quilt tutorials or books or videos, encourage on-line links
    6. “tips”
    7. Biggest quilt disasters

  3. I loved the topic. Some weekends people are busier than others, too. What if the topic posts were on a separate page, linked at the top? I know that means each one would be on top of the previous one, and I don’t know if you can do linky things on the pages. I haven’t tried it. I was just thinking about ways to make it more visible. It came to my mailbox with the e-mail subscription I have to the blog, so I knew about it right away.

    • There is a link in the main navigation for Weekend Update. The designated topic weekend will always begin on the second Friday of the month. The topic and the date for the topic weekend for the current month will be on the at-glance page.

      Thanks for all the good ideas, please keep them coming.

  4. I wasn’t aware of the Weekend Update tab until I read your post. I guess the Block Lotto features aren’t part of my standard operating procedure yet.

  5. I wouldnt call it flat…..I really want to participate but I really haven’t had time to blog lately….My valentine post was my first for the year despite the 10 drafts blogs I haven’t finished yet…..and my valentine post was kind of lame anyway. I like the what is your goal for the month topic.

    • or maybe what project are you stumped on. I know I have one quilt I have come to a standstill on and could use some advice!

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