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Posted by on March 7, 2013 in blocks | 1 comment

Another good choice of block and color, Sophie! I have been working on Pineapple blocks which means lots of little pieces so it was nice to get to play with a simpler block. Once again, I made some for myself, as well as the group. When will I learn? When will I decrease my number of UFO’s? Oh well, I’m having fun.

Here are the eight steps I am donating. Sorry it’s not a better pix. I have too many things on my design wall.


Oh! Here too is an example of the Pineapple blocks. I’ve not decided on the corner color yet, your suggestions would be appreciated. I have 42 complete, sans corners, of the 56 I need.


Good Luck to all!



1 Comment

  1. I’m thinking the same fabric you used in the center blocks would be great on the corners. Otherwise, I’d stick with white, I think. Love your steps.

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