Mother Daughter Project

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My mother won block lotto in January and we’ve had a wonderful time together piecing the quilt with the winnings. I hope no one is offended….but since the inspiration for the quilt was tomatoes and limes and the pattern was Tall Fly, we’ve started calling the quilt ‘Tomato Flies’.

Several of the blocks were smaller than they were supposed to be but with the stripes we were able to fool the eye into believing all the columns are straight. Three of the blocks were (6.5 x 8 7/8) so instead of fighting and stretching them into the front we put them on the back with Tomato fabric that we found (because of the theme) and then made 4 new blocks with contrasting fabric. We are very pleased with the results.

This was a lesson for us. Even though we are already very conscientious about sending our blocks (6.5 x 9.5) to the winners, we are even more picky now about what we submit and what we don’t.


Tomato Fly Front

Tomato Fly Back


  1. I think everyone learns from WINNING blocks and seeing a lot of examples. I still remember someone who mentioned to me that they weren’t pressing their blocks as they sewed them until they received a set of nicely pressed blocks and saw how nice they were 🙂

    For some reason, the link to add comments on your post wasn’t visible–I’m adding this one through a different mechanism to see if I can make it come back … with fingers crossed

  2. I would not have thought of a horizontal set — it’s great! And so is the pieced back.

  3. This is wonderful. The four new blocks look great in there. I love the way you did them opposite.
    Excellent idea for using the too short blocks!

  4. I love the contrast blocks. That really adds so much to the quilt, so it was serendipitous to have the 3 small blocks. =) Great quilt!

  5. Fantastic ladies! I love the set. I love the pieced back. I love the tomatoes. I just love everything about your version of Tall Flys. Great job!

  6. It is always great to finish a block lotto project. I had the same problem with undersized blocks in my trip around the world blocks. I have finished piecing the top of the quilt and will look at including the left over blocks on the back.

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