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I have really enjoyed seeing all the quilts the last couple months from the Hot-Crossed 9-Patch lotto blocks.  I couldn’t resist putting them side by side and all on one page to enjoy one more time to enjoy:

From Michelle (left) and Julie P (right)

Plaid blocks from 2012

Plaid blocks from 2012

Julie P's Quilt in the Snow

I stole Julie’s quilt photo from her blog because I loved this image of it.

And two from Laurina

plaid 1 003a plaid 2 flimsy

All cool and each quilter made it their own, or in Laurina’s case, made it her own in two completely different ways.

All the quilts are in the Gallery, if you want to go back and see what the makers had to say about their quilts.

1 Comment

  1. I really like that you did this. Fun seeing all the different settings with the blocks.
    I love everyone of them!

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