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I surfed past this quilt on and immediately saw a design idea for this month’s blocks.  If you follow the link to the directions for the Lemon Bars quilt, you’ll see the dimensions for the rectangle is different than ours, but the idea could be easily adapted.  To make a 16-inch block using the February lotto block, you’d need two steps blocks + one 6 inch square (finished size) + one 9 inch square + 1 inch sashing.  I would change the squares to include one more round of “logs” in each.

If you made 16 of these large blocks and arranged them as in the pattern and added a 6 inch border, your quilt would be 78 inches square … slightly larger than the quilt in the pattern, which is made from 15 inch (finished size) blocks.

Lemon Bars quilt from All People Quilt

1 Comment

  1. I really like that!

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