Bird Blocks

Posted by on April 11, 2013 in blocks | 4 comments

100_0605 Here are my nine for this month. This block took a little longer. I have two that are staying home as they did not turn out like they should have, one the size was off the other had a very small beak. My daughter said she would adopt him. Hope they are welcome in  the flocks of other birds. Maybe they will fly my way this month. I can always hope, everyone has very nice birds posted. Very pretty color combos.


  1. Love your birds! And I love that you judge your blocks and decide to “disqualify” your blocks which don’t have the right measurements. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

    • I just figured that I would want to send the best ones I make so they look as nice as the ones I see posted. I know I am far from perfect,but I do my best. Thanks for the finger crossing. This is only my second set of blocks. If I win I win, If not oh well there will be other chances. I hope I can squeeze out enough time to make more in the moths to come. So far its been fun win or not. If I don’t got any made, It won’t be because I won’t want to. I sit with my Mom during the week so I don’t get a lot of free time.

  2. What bright and beautiful birds. I’m glad your daughter has adopted your “rejects.” Is she a quilter? Wanna-be quilter? Does she have a plan for her bird blocks.

    • I just got her interested in sewing this past year and she entered a dress in 4-H. It went to State. We went to a quilt show on the 23 of March and we both sat and made blocks for the VA lap quilts on the hand crank sewing machines one of the guild members brings in every year. I think she has a little bit of the quilt bug now. We helped them make enough blocks for about two lap quilts.

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