Sophie’s Flock

Posted by on April 1, 2013 in blocks | 3 comments


Someone who saw the scraps leftover from this block, which I shared a week ago as an example of this month’s fabric guidelines, that it looks like Halloween.

Now I look at this first bird block of mine and I see … candy corn.

Besides my candy corn bird, I made 6 more, mostly right-facing birds, in a variety of colors and heights.   After I put them up on my design wall, I notice that a few of  them seem to be posing, a la Angelina Jolie at the Oscars, with one leg extended  🙂

Right now, they are lined up across the top of my design wall, and look a little like 7 birds on a wire, above a set of hand-pieced blocks that I’ve decided it’s TIME to finish. It made me think about using blocks like these as a border.



  1. Well, they are looking like happy little birds! I like the different poses ~

  2. I love the varying leg lengths. I didn’t realize we could do that!

  3. I took a look at the design wall on your blog – those blocks look so great together.

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