I keep seeing Flying Geese

Posted by on May 26, 2013 in block lotto community | 1 comment

Maybe it’s because it’s this month block.  I keep noticing Flying Geese in quilts and quilt blocks everywhere. Here’s a couple more.

Random Sampler QAL - HeartsThis is one of the Random Quilt-a-Long blocks that I found on the Blooming Workshop blog.

These blocks at 6 inches, square, but If you started with two of this month’s lotto blocks to make a block like the one on the right, you’d end up with a big 18 inch heart.  I think one of those would make a great pillow  and if you made more, you’d quickly have enough for a big bed quilt.

Yesterday, at the Fiber Arts Fiesta in Albuquerque, I saw this precious, miniature, quilt which used flying geese units in a light-to-dark arrangement.  The quilt is Mariner’s Sunrise, made by Judith Kreiger of San Lorenzo, NM.  My guess is that each geese unit is 1/3 inch tall and 2/3 inch wide.  In the detail photo at the bottom, look close and you can see just how small they are by looking at the in-the-ditch machine stitches.



1 Comment

  1. Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing these two inspirations of what can be done with flying geese. I’ve seen a lot too. It must be an all time favorite block.

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