Sailboats – a Setting Idea

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I was flipping through a book looking for something else, when I saw this quilt … and had to share.

Sailboats-Page 282

These blocks are wider  than ours, but similar enough that I think you can easily see how effective this quilt design is … with plain sashing and borders.  If you had a set of our lotto blocks, you could choose whether to go white or blue for that sashing and borders. I think the reverse blocks (whichever way) would give this classic a modern graphic look.

Enclopedia-Cover-ImageThe photo above is page 282 from this book, The Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns.  The link will take you to Amazon.  I’ve owned this for a while, but noticed this week that it’s still on the shelves at the little JoAnn near me.

I didn’t find what I was looking for in it today, but it is a nice book full of quilts made from traditional patterns.

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  1. Thanks, Sophie – a great layout.

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