Share Something UN-Quilty – Weekend Update Linky Party

Posted by on June 14, 2013 in Linky Party | 3 comments

Johnny Be Good

If you have ever made lotto blocks and have a blog I know about, I follow you.  I love seeing everyone’s quilt projects … and also learning about whatever else interests you or is going on in your life.  It’s for that reason that  the topic for this weekend’s linky party is UN-quilty.

Please join the party by adding a link to a recent blog post of yours about something besides quilting.   Johnny the cat dares you.  (Actually he was daring me to make him come inside before he was finished with his morning patrol from the deck)

Do you blog about your interests beyond quilting … Your kids? Your grand kids?   Your pets?  Your friends? Your travels?  Cooking?  Gardening? Knitting?  Painting?  Needlework?

I actually know that some of you do and I hope you’ll share a link … and maybe a good new recipe. 🙂




  1. Good thing I take photographs, or I wouldn’t have a thing to link to. Quilting pretty much IS my life. At least in blogland that I share. =)

  2. Hi, everyone, As I don’t have a blog I was planning to put up a photo of my second evermade pair of socks (second completed this year). The first pair was started several years ago but completed only in the last few months. I currently have 2 other pairs on the go. However I don’t know if I can add a photo here.

    • Margaret, you can create a separate blog post here and share your socks–I’d love to see them. Choose the category Block Lotto Community. Once you’ve created the post, you can come back and add it to the linky party here.

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