Wonky Shoo Fly Doll Quilt

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Despite all the things gone wrong and Grace the cat’s interference help, late last night, I finished this doll quilt, made from 4-inch wonky fly blocks. We made a larger version of the Wonky Shoo Fly block for the lotto in April 2010.

Way back when (3 years ago), I made the blocks from the small scraps left on my table after making those loving free-pieced words–some of which ended up in my quilt, Whole Lotta Love. The floral print is from a strip of a recycled vintage sheet which I won in a blog giveaway.

Upcycled Shoo Fly

The quilt measures 19 by 24 inches.

Wonky Shoo Fly DetailI thought I’d be finishing this up last winter, during our try something new theme for the Weekend Update. The new thing I tried was flipping the quilt over and free-motion-quilting the borders from the back, tracing, then echoing the flowers in that vintage sheet.

I also expected to finish this quilt soon after the doll quilt I finished in February, made from the mini-Tall Shoo Fly blocks (Starry Skies and Shoo Flies) and thought it would be interesting to use two different methods for piped binding and compare the experiences/results. The pink piping here is an actual separate piping, sewn into the binding using Susan Cleveland’s Piping Hot Binding technique. It’s more complicated than the faux piped binding method I used in the other quilt, but–even though this is far from perfect–I get better results.

There are a couple more photos and a link to the wonky shoo fly tutorial on my blog, here:

A Little Finish with a Long Story

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  1. So cute!

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