A Gentle Reminder

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My intent for the block lotto is that quilters may:

  • Try something new, whether it’s a new block pattern, a new-to-them technique or a different color-way
  • Win a set of blocks made by the block lotto community or be inspired by a block to make more of their own
  • Have fun in a no-commitment activity that takes a minimal amount of time
  • ALWAYS send blocks that are the type that they would like to receive and that will be usable by the winners that receive them

This gentle reminder is about the last item on the list.

None of the blocks this year take that long to make, so I expect them to be made with care, from carefully measuring and cutting the fabrics, to checking that your seams are in the neighborhood of 1/4 inch, to pressing those seems along the way, to ensure that everything goes together well.

From it’s beginning, the Block Lotto was intended to be beginner friendly and that is still the case.  There is some leeway, always, especially because some of us are trying new things.   It is the reason that there is some leeway on the size of the blocks, which may be up to 1/4 inch smaller to 1/4 inch larger.

But please don’t interpret “beginner friendly” as a reason to make sloppy blocks with puckers and pleats and seam allowances so small that the seams won’t hold and the blocks cannot be used.

I encourage the winners to send feedback to me on the quality of blocks they receive.   And I do wonder if some of us are really sending blocks like we would expect to receive if we won.

I hate to have to remind everyone, because I think MOST of us do the best we can, month after month. And I want you to know I really do appreciate it.  But everyone else seems to need a reminder from time to time and this is it.

1 Comment

  1. SOPHIE, I have been a lucky winner a few times since I have joined. I have been pleased with the quality and the prompt shipments.

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