Tall Star Winners!

Posted by on August 31, 2013 in housekeeping | 4 comments

Sorry for the delay…I hope no one was holding their breath, lol.  Drum roll please…

1st Winner is Linda N!!!  She will receive 56 blocks.

2nd Winner is Mary Jane!!!  She will receive 50 blocks.

3rd Winner is Sharon K!!! She will receive 50 blocks.

4th Winner is Cathy L!!! She will receive 49 blocks.

Look for an email soon from Sophie – she needs to confirm a mailing address for the winners and then we will get  a message with mailing instructions.

Thanks for playing.  Happy stitching!

Andi in Arizona


Update: Kate and Vivi made blocks that weren’t posted in time and will be adding them to the pot. The revised number of blocks each winner will receive:


Linda and Mary Jane will each receive a set of 56 blocks

Sharon and Cathy will each receive a set of 50 blocks.


  1. Yea!!!!

  2. Whoo hoo!!

  3. I’m thrilled! I have a couple of ideas for setting already. Thank you everybody!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners. These are such fun blocks!

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