Tall Stars

Posted by on August 12, 2013 in blocks | 1 comment

Here are the 9 stars I made — my first entry since joining Block Lotto.  I’m a long-time quilter and addicted to Gwen Marston’s classes and methods.  I mostly make quilts for charity — babies, wounded soldiers and new Habitat home-owners.  Love quilting with others, whether here in Michigan or on-line.

Tall Stars 2013

1 Comment

  1. Welcome to the Block Lotto, Elizabeth! When I made the decision to move back to Michigan when my Dad was sick, I told myself that I’d be able to take classes from Gwen Marston and Sue Nichols. I never managed to make it to one of Gwen’s Beaver Island retreats, but I did take a couple classes from Sue. I envy you!

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