3 boomers finally looking okay

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Hi, I started on these blocks some weeks ago but of course had trouble in getting enough white above the head of these chaps.

They have now been reworked by using a halved 2.5 in square for background around the triangle head. Originally I joined the head and neck first, in the rework I joined the neck to the body (to ensure centreing) first and then the head (again to attempt a better centreing).

PS I don’t get how the foundation piecing works, I attempted to foundation piece an aeroplane recently but gave up. Any tips on this would be appreciated. I have foundation pieces sq-within-sq blocks but not sure how to get these images requiring symmetry working.

Thanks Margaret

1 Comment

  1. FWIW, I think your boomers look better than OK!

    Christine Thresh has a pretty good tutorial on paper piecing on her site Winnowing.com – Paper Piecing Primer

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