Just one

Posted by on September 10, 2013 in blocks | 4 comments

I know it looks like two, I tried to make two but somehow one of them is off. It’s just smaller all around, shorter & thinner. Lesblock lotto 2013 SEPTs than 1/2 an inch but you can really see the difference.

So just one from mb. in FLA, to donate please.  The guy in green kitty-cat romper.  If it’s OKay he is n a romper I just thought of that.  If it isn’t, let me know & I will give him new pants.


  1. The kitty romper is more than OK. He’s adorable.

    • Oh good. I wasn’t looking forward to cutting his legs off.

      • I think you could salvage the man in black by giving him some black knee socks or boots and add the length you need.

        • He is not realy wide enough, either. At this point I am happy to let him be a cautionary tale.

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