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The Texas State Fair starts at the end of September, and for more than 50 years, a very tall talking cowboy was the center meeting place at the entrance to the State Fair Midway.  He always wore jeans and a cowboy shirt, but the shirt color varied.  Sadly last year at the end of the Fair, Big Tex caught on fire (the electrical components in his head), and he burned up. Lots of photos here:  A new Big Tex will be premiered this year, but we haven’t seen him yet.  here is my homage to good ole big Tex and all the lean, sunburnt  cowboys of Texas. I’m a native of Dallas, so probably went to the State Fair as a tiny girl during Big Tex’s premier year in 1952.  He was the meeting place for families and groups throughout the years.

I made this guy with the paper piecing pattern (and I was a little rusty on my technique, so it took me longer than I expected).  One bit of advice; on the first page of the pattern, add a quarter inch border around each of the sections (the second page has this). This helps you be sure your fabric is big enough to cover the seam allowance.  Also use light weight copy paper (mine was kind of heavy and difficult to remove).IMG_1162


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  1. I’m so glad that Big Tex will be back … and that I’m not the only one who thought of him when I made this block 😉

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