recent progress on UFOs using Sophie birds

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The first two photos above are pics of work in progress on the Lori Holt Row along, featuring a row of Sophie birds from a couple of months ago. (I haven’t done the white sashing so just laid these rows on some white fabric).   At first I was going to have the birds facing the center, but when I began sorting them, I realized they sort of fell into pairs, with one of each  being a bit more flamboyant (I guess it’s the male!) I also had to downsize the pattern a  bit to make it proportional to the other rows.   (I also now see from the photo that one of my mugs is too light, so I’ll need to replace it with a darker aqua).  (The  Lori Holt rowalong is shown on her blog BeeinMyBonnet, but she has taken down the cutting instructions, as she has a book coming out soon that will have this pattern).  My birds replace her mitten row, and I also plan to substitute a row of small hearts for her row of spools, since my prospective recipient is not a sew – er (sewer looked weird!).

The third photo is my completed I Spy top for my great niece.  I used a pattern from a recent Quilty magazine.  It had used 5 inch charms, but all my I Spy stash are 4 inch, so I had to resize the block to make it work.  I also machine appliqued her name in the pink area (“Stella”).  I used the machine blanket stitch.   I like my I spies to have a look that may survive early childhood, so I really like the overall rainbow feel of this one; I haven’t picked the backing yet.  Stella is one, so she will have fun with finding matches in the little blocks.






  1. Wow, Linda. You have been busy making some beautiful quilts. I love the I-spy quilt (and think it might be a great future lotto block!) I also love the way our birds look in that row quilt. Great work! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    FYI, I took your post out of the show & tell category for now, since the row quilt is still a work-in-progress … I hope you will come back with a finish for the gallery (which reminds me, I need to do that with MY bird quilt, too)

  2. Love your quilts! I think I see my birdie up there in the top row. I like how the white makes them all stand out.

  3. Love the I-SPY

    I found 3 of my fabrics from the swap you did with me.
    It makes me want to pull out my blocks and do something!

    I think I might your use layout for my rainbow squares from another swap I did.
    I’ve been waiting for inspiration!!
    I’ve found it!

    • Let me know if you need cutting sizes (for 4inch squares). The rest is pretty intuitive, excep for prints that have a definite up and down. There is a small white rectangle that alternates being on the top or bottom of a square, so those have to be balanced in number across the row.

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