Split star quilt finished

Posted by on September 1, 2013 in show and tell | 10 comments

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These are the blocks I won during the Split Star month last year. That is our friend Dave sticking out from behind it. He is the owner of this quilt. He gets it because I had no white fabric when these were made. He was out shopping and brought me some. I promised that if I won, the quilt was his.

And wouldn’t you know, I won. He loves this quilt. He loves that the blocks were made by quilters from all over. It was supposed to be for his bed. It is too special now. It will be hung up on his living room wall instead. NO NO I said, use it on your bed! Nope, he wants it on the wall.

This is the back. I don’t know how to fix that it is sideways. He was in the Navy during Vietman.

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  1. Great quilt and a nice story, Julie!

  2. Beautiful! I love the sashing. Dave is a lucky guy.

  3. I love your setting. It turned out great.

  4. don’t you love long shot bargains? Congrats on your quilt & good karma!

  5. This is just fabulous! Love your creativity and cleverness in the setting.

  6. What a great friend to pick up some fabric for you … Ill bet he’s glad he did–the quilt is beautiful.

    FYI, I edited your post to rotate the photo of the back. I’ve never used the photo/media edit function built into the site, but it was pretty easy.

  7. Beautiful.

  8. Your setting sashing is wonderful!!! Such a lucky man ……

  9. thank you everyone.
    It was fun having all Dave’s input.
    Maybe that would be a good little tutorial Sophie! How to rotate a picture. I really did try, but nothing said “rotate”
    I must not have been looking in the right spot!

    • Good suggestion. It doesn’t seem to happen very often, but it’s nice to know that you can fix it when it does.

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