A Scrappy Leaf, a Monochrome Bird … and some more sampler blocks

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Even though I already knew in January that I wanted to make a red and white sampler with this year’s lotto blocks … it wasn’t until sometime last week when I decided on which red fabrics and whether I’d go scrappy within each block or not.

Once decided, things are going together quickly.

I started with some Kona white solid yardage and a set of 10 quarter yards of these indigo reds–9 prints and a red solid–purchased at a quilt show a long time ago.

simple-layoutBack in January, I shared this simple plan for a sampler quilt.  My idea was to make a quick quilt with lots of white space for quilting.

My idea was that I would make four of two of the wide blocks to make the horizontal bars at the top and bottom, 9 blocks would be featured in the center and the 12th block would be used for the label.

I had been thinking that the house block would become the label, but after seeing the blocks made so far, I think the log cabin variation will go on the back with the label info written onto the white round of logs.  Here are all the lotto blocks we’ve made so far, except the house.



There will be more space between the blocks in the finished quilt.

I suppose the moral of this story is that it’s not too late to make your own sampler if you have liked this year’s blocks. One advantage for me of waiting to make the blocks was that, after making the Oak Leaf pattern, it occurred to me to make the flying geese individually and then square up and cut down the bonus triangle squares and use them in scrappy versions of the Oak Leaf, Tall Ship, Tall Fly and Tall Star blocks … and use them all up.

I didn’t realize how picture block heavy the blocks this year are … I know that there’s usually better balance of types of blocks/techniques.

If this kind of blocks is NOT your thing, you might be happy to know that my challenge for next year (for myself) is to choose/design a set of predominately geometric blocks.

If you are sampling one or more lotto blocks for a project of your own and want to post a progress report, use the category block lotto community and add the tag my sampler.


  1. I like the red fabrics you’ve used. They have a soft look to them. I anxiously await the final two of the year. Kathie L in Allentown

  2. Fantastic! I too wanted to make a sampler of this year’s blocks. I made some extra birds but did not make any more progress. The red/white scheme is so graphic – the designs really pop.

  3. Hi Sophie, this looks lovely. Many apologies from me for not participating in Block Lotto this year – I have been concentrating on other things, but I have been watching, and there are some lovely blocks being created 😉 I am hoping I will be more organised in 2014 and can resume my Block Lotto swaps.

  4. Cute sampler. I like the red/white color choice and fabrics.

    I have a lot of sampler quilts so probably won’t make a sampler but I have a definite project in mind that will use bird blocks and another formulating that will use boomer blocks.

    I just joined a few months ago and have been challenged by the blocks but enjoyed the challenge. The blocks are all so creative and different. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

  5. I love what you are doing with these blocks. When you add quilting, I think this will be an amazing quilt! I like indigo reds almost as much as indigo blues. Great choice!

  6. Love the red and white – cant wait to see the finished quilt.

  7. This is so cool. The blocks have a whole different look. The red and all that white start saying…”modern”!!

  8. Great minds think alike. I also chose red and white for my sampler (I’ve been wanting to do a red ‘n white since that show in NYC a few years ago). But for some reason, I didn’t think to just do different shades of red when there were more than 2 colors. I may remake some of the blocks. I like your layout

    If I get a chance, I’ll post my red and white here as well.

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