Might have gone wrong on oak leaf

Posted by on October 19, 2013 in blocks | 2 comments

Hall Oak Leaf

I think I misread the directions (or didn’t look closely enough at the pictures) and used batik and batik-like fabrics. If they need to be true batik, then I had one (the green). If batik-effect is OK, then three. For some reason, I was having trouble with these blocks, but that’s more my state of mind than the pattern, which is lovely. I also tried to make one of the pieced ones just to get a bit more HST practice.

Oak Leaf piecework


  1. I’m so sorry that you had some problems with this one. Because the guidelines say to use batiks for the leaf, I can only count one for the lotto. Maybe the two red batik-like fabrics and your scrappy red one can be the start of a new project?

    • No worries Sophie. Perhaps the winner who gets the green will want these as well just as extras. If not, they’ll get a use somehow.

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