Missing Madison and a Request for Help

Posted by on October 2, 2013 in housekeeping | 2 comments

Two days have passed and I still haven’t heard from one of our winners, Madison.  I have randomly chosen an alternate winner–congratulations Margaret!

Because Madison did not mail the star blocks she made in August, leaving three of the winners three blocks short, I’m asking for a couple volunteers to make a set of three of the Tall Stars and send them to one of the August winners.

Because I have no way of knowing if we will ever hear from Madison again, I’m taking her Boomer blocks OFF the list for September, leaving a total of 80 blocks, or a set of 40 for each of our winners.  I hope she’s OK.  I worry that maybe she’s not, but because she is new and have never successfully completed a month (by mailing her blocks to the winners), until I actually hear from her and know better, I feel like these were necessary steps.



  1. That’s too bad! I will make some Tall Star blocks and send to somebody if you want. The only caveat is that it may be a week or so before I get any blocks mailed, as I am in town today and won’t be near the PO again for a bit. I have my boomer blocks with me, hoping to get them on the way, but our PO closes at 2:00 so not happening today. Let me know, Kathleen

  2. Hello, I am mailing my star blocks tomorrow. I have had some problems last month. Sorry to be so late.
    Everyone please forgive me Madison

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