Brainstorming the “Dud” Lotto – December Bonus

Posted by on November 24, 2013 in block lotto community | 6 comments

It seems we have enough interest (and quilters with spare blocks from the Block Lotto) to move forward with this idea.   Thanks to Julie for suggesting it.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Quilters can enter up to 12 blocks, made for the Block Lotto at any time in it’s history, for chances in the drawing.  As usual, they may contribute blocks, but opt out of the drawing–I know that not everyone loves working with blocks in various sizes and colors, and that some may see this as an opportunity to pass on their extra lotto blocks.
  • This will be a BONUS activity for December.  There will still be the usual lotto block (which the sneak peekers have already seen).  Both drawings will happen at the end of the month on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s where I need your ideas

  • I know that some of you don’t have any dud or leftover Lotto blocks, but would like to play.  What is the best way for them to enter, without asking them to make more blocks during an already busy month for all of us?   My first thought was that anyone interested could contribute a 4-inch, width of fabric, strip of fabric, maybe a black and white print?  Or two strips from a jelly roll?  Or …  do you have an idea?  I don’t want this to become a fabric lotto, so I’m thinking anyone can include fabric for up to 4 chances, or combined with “dud” blocks for a total of 12.

Updated to add the collection of extra lotto blocks I found in my orphan blocks box.

Orphan Lotto Blocks on my Design Wall
Any of these you’d particularly like to see in my maximum of 12 for the dud lotto?


  1. I have no problem with your fabric strip idea. Probably work just fine. It seems that if someone doesn’t have extra blocks and doesn’t have time to make more, that sort of just determines who’s in and who’s out. It isn’t the main lotto for the month.

  2. I think that will work fine. On the fabric could we have an option of something other then Black and white…Jelly rolls are pretty colourful. Being new to sewing I wouldn’t mind a fabric lotto, I could make use of a variety of colours and prints. Thanks for running with the idea!

    • Charlene, I though to stick to black and white because the blocks themselves are going to be very colorful. When I began to quilt, online fabrics swaps of 10 inch squares (now called layer cakes) and 4 inch strips were how I built my scrappy stash and so I encourage you to look for opportunities like that … but the Block Lotto is really more than enough for me to take on.

      • I can certainly understand that Sophie…I have often wondered how much time you must contribute to managing this site and creating new designs each month…I am guessing it is a lot and I appreciate having it to play in so thank you Sophie…your works certainly have impact in brightening my days! I like all the blocks you posted with my favorites being the Star types with the Hearts and 16 patch tied for second place ( I am a sucker for patches …they warm my heart and I love the variety of fabrics) I did not know about fabric lotto’s so I may check those out in January…they sound like a good option…does anyone have a suggestion as to which ones are worth a shot? Oh , did I mention …Now I understand why you chose Black and white…this is the benefit of your wisdom,… of your experience , Sophie it now makes perfect sense! lol A big shout out to Julie Post for a terrific idea!

  3. I have some duds that are 1/4″ short from 2011 or so. I’d love for an extra lotto! Great idea!!!

  4. I love all the ideas. About the fabric: Sophie, you always insist that the fabric for Block Lotto is pre-washed. Should it be the same for the fabric? Charlene is right. You are an inspiration to all of us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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