I’m stitching some Basket Handles today … How about You?

Posted by on November 17, 2013 in block lotto community, my sampler | 3 comments

Bias Handles


I’ve been working on my simple medallion idea.  Here are the handles for some of my banded basket blocks.  My plan is to stitch them by hand while I watch television tonight.

I have enjoyed reading the comments about your bias appliqué experience–I hope anyone sitting on the fence about trying the block because of those handles has been reading them, too. Here are two that might inspire you:

Cathy L said that she, “didn’t find the bias as intimidating as I thought.”

Nann said, “t’s remarkable how a bias strip can seem so wire-y, but when pressed and sewn it curves nicely.”

Below is my project, in progress, on the design wall.  If you’ve made the blocks, you probably recognize that I used all those bonus triangle squares in the square blocks in the corners and center.  It wasn’t my original plan, but I asked myself one of those, “What if?” questions and here’s what happened.  You might also notice that for the baskets with striped band and handles, I cut the band on the bias, too.


Holiday Baskets Medallion


If you have been around awhile, you probably recognize the Tomato and Lime color way from our January blocks, too.

I am considering adding something more  in the corner squares, a little more appliqué or quilting feather wreaths.  What do you think?


  1. I did my hand stitching yesterday, finishing my basket handles. I can’t decide which idea I like better. The quilted feather wreath would keep it all light and airy….the applique would be pretty too. When I was making the baskets, I thought they would look neat mixed with the tall shoo fly block. I love the what-if questions.

  2. I considered mixing in a red bird or two 😉

  3. Definitely feathered wreaths in the corners! That’s a perfect spot for them.

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