more leaves this week…

Posted by on November 23, 2013 in sent and received | 3 comments

Leaves from Jo along with a sweet little Christmas decoration! yes it will go on my tree! Also, a leaf from Charlene that was wrapped in fabric! Thank you!

Charlene told me her basket blocks have been duds so far. She thought she could still use them else where. Made me wonder if Sophie ever thought of doing a “dud” block lotto. A place for all the wrong size or fabric blocks to go. Julie


  1. What an interesting idea, you smart woman. Maybe the Dud Block Lotto could become an end-of-the-year tradition … or would it be too confusing to do it alongside of the regular block?

    • Julie you are brilliant! Sophie I think it could work by framing each block and compiling them like a sampler with the continuity being the Frames. Interesting…I am glad you got my post Julie…enjoy!

  2. Glad you received my blocks

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